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29/10/2003 - The Christmas House gets a makeover.

Today we launched our new website, complete with live webcam. Last year, the site didn’t get mutch attention, so this year, we’ve treated it to a facelift. We hope you like it.

1/1/2003 - Another Christmas Over.

This Christmas, we raised just under £1,400. The money is being split between our usual two charities - The Diana, Princess of Wales Childrens Hospital and Acorns.

5/11/2002 - The Christmas House goes to London.

As part of their Winter of Love Christmas campaign, the Christmas house were contacted by Selfridges of London who wanted to portray our love of Christmas lights by creating a 6ft high mockup of the Christmas House. They actually created two - one went in one of the windows on Oxford St in London, and the other was in one of the main windows in the Manchester store. Take a look in the pictures section for the photos from London.