I guess the first question that I usually get asked (apart from, "how much is your electric bill" – not very much as it happens, but that's a different matter) is, why? Well, there's only one honest answer, and that's because I'm a big kid at heart and I love watching the faces light up (literally) when people stop to look at the lights.

You see, I believe that the true magic of Christmas is slowly disappearing from our lives. If you're as old as me (and that's not THAT old), remember back to the days of your childhood. Remember the excitement, the anticipation and most of all, the festive spirit.

Slowly but surely, these wonderful feelings and traditions are dying out. You can now shop in many places until just an hour or so before midnight on Christmas Eve – There's even a few shops and garages that are open on Christmas day. No, I'm not trying to start a campaign to ban trading on Christmas day but what I am trying to do is revive that neighborly spirit before the embers finally die.

We don’t charge for people to come and see the lights, but where people want to donate something, we split the proceeds between two local charities.