Ode to Exterior Illumination

October is with us and bonfire night's close,

Lanterns and fireworks, chestnuts to roast.

It's nearly upon us, that time of the year,

when children will tell you they've been good all the year.

It's time to start plotting and planning the lights,

to make 101 Beaumont a beautiful sight.

Why not join in and brighten your house.

Do it alone, or do it with spouse.

Do it with cause and not without reason,

brighten your road for this festive season.

People may come from miles all around,

to see well-lit houses, the best in the town.


The Lights Before Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas

and all down the way,

not a thing was seen stiring

bar one light display.


There were rope lights and snowmen,

circuits galore,

There were thousands of lights,

still it "needed" some more.


Then out on the drive

there arose such a clatter,

that I sprung from my bed

to what was the matter.


I flung open my window

to look down the street.

It was there I saw Santa,

with lights at his feet.


"I noticed your house,"

said the jolly old elf.

"So I thought I'd stop by, and

offer some help".

"You've quite a few lights,"

he said with a grin,

"But you can't have too much

of a very good thing".


He rose from his sleigh,

and took some lights out.

He strung ten thousand bulbs

all round the big house.


Then he winked with one eye,

as he ran to his sleigh.

Just as quick as he'd landed,

Saint Nick was away.


But I heard him exclaim,,

as he drove out of sight,

"Happy Christmas To All,