We started decorating our house about 12 years ago. The first year, we had more lights on the tree inside than we did outside. The tree was about 8 ft tall, and we had about 600 lights on it. The next year, we decided to let the rest of the world join in with our festivities by putting a tree on the bay roof and decorating that. It really just grew from that until, when we moved house in 2000 we had about 2000 lights (strange coincidence). We now have about 30,000 lights and it just keeps growing.

If you want to join in, you don't have to spend a fortune. The lights and shapes that we used at The Christmas House last year were accumulated over a number of years. There were just over 28,000 lights in 2002 if you're interested. This year, we've not bought that many new lights, but we think there will be around 34,000, but as I've already said, it's not just about the number of lights that you can attach to the outside of your house, it's about taking part. If you look around, you can find Christmas lights on sale for most of the year, and from January to about August, they are usually very very cheap. As you will have undoubtedly noticed by now, the Christmas lights and decorations have been in the shops now since the middle of September, so if you look around, you're bound to find some bargains.